Maximum 4 Students on ALL beginners’ courses

Some elements of wood technology, sanding, polishing work, and tool angles will be covered during these courses.

2 Day ‘WOODTURNING ADVENTURE’: A course for complete beginners. An introduction to the woodturning lathe and tools.

Day 1: Learn safe and efficient use of various SPINDLE TURNING tools, using techniques to practice shaping and to create items such as a garden dibber, light pull or honey dipper.

Day 2: Introduction to BOWL turning tools and techniques. Create and polish a beautiful bowl to take home.

2 Day ‘WOODTURNING EXPLORER’: Next step from Woodturning Adventure Course.

Day 1: Make a candlestick or table lamp (lamp fittings cost not included, but can be supplied @ £12). Improve spindle and faceplate skills. Learn how to join two turned pieces for you project and how to drill work on the lathe.

Day 2: Improve your bowl turning skills. Mary will encourage you to refine your techniques and make a bowl that suits your ability.


Materials supplied and included in fee unless otherwise stated.


if booking and paying by 20th AUGUST for Sept. & Oct. Courses

and 21st SEPTEMBER for Nov. & Dec. Courses*

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